Resistance Audio may be new to the industry, but the people behind the company are not. A group of industry veterans banded together to form this company. We offer products with no nonsense, no inflated power points, no false claims, and NoBS POWER!

Not all car audio is the same, so choose carefully. While one company offers a 1000W D-Class amplifier with real RMS power, other companies offer a 1000W D-Class amplifier that is really 800 or 700 Watts! Resistance Audio believes that this is not only false and deceptive advertising, it is unfair to you, the consumer. And just to be clear, not all car audio companies do this.

Many of us in the industry spent years resisting this, and fighting against the establishment only to be cast aside in the name of higher profits. With our hands tied, there was only one viable solution – Resistance Audio. We also decided that it is time to pass more value on to you by way of incredibly low prices. Since we only sell direct to the consumer, you benefit from significant savings because there is no “middle-man.”

In order to continue providing low prices you will notice there is no technical phone support, no fancy boxes, and no unnecessary crap on our products. Just good product at great prices. We are hoping you will Join the Resistance and spread the word on Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and car audio forums.

Our brand promise. We will not advertise product at inflated power or modify the specs in any way. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a 45-day satisfaction guarantee on all our products.