These are our most frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not found on here please contact us using the Contact Us page.


How do I get tech support?

We recommend that our products be installed by a professional, however, if you need assistance we do provide email support. It may take up to 2 days to get a response. This type of support helps to keep prices low to you.


What if I am not satisfied with your product after I buy it?

Right now, by buying our product on Amazon you get the benefit of a 30-day refund. We will extend that by another 15 days with our satisfaction guarantee. Just provide proof of purchase. Please note, the guarantee begins from the date of purchase.


Can I get notifications of new products?

Yes. Just sign up at the bottom of this website. All we need is your email. Don’t worry, we will not share your email address with any third parties.


Why are there only a small number of products to choose from?

We are launching with a small number of products, however, as word spreads and demand increases we have additional products already in development that we will be adding to our catalog. We are counting on word-of-mouth and positive reviews on Amazon from you to be the car audio company for the people.


There are other products with similar power points that are about the same price or less. Why should I buy your product?

Not all power is the same. Resistance Audio was formed to directly combat the wide-spread problem of false and deceptive advertising of power in the car audio industry. CEA compliance is self-regulated, meaning manufacturers’ products are not scrutinized by any independent agency. Companies are free to claim to be CEA compliant, but in reality these products may also display deceptive power ratings. So when comparing prices of other products to Resistance Audio’s may not be apples to apples.


How do you provide such low prices while other companies charge so much more?

Our business is specifically designed so that we can provide you the lowest possible price. We don’t use fancy printed boxes,  or any features that do not add value or improve sound quality, we don’t have a warehouse, or have tech support personnel on call. We also do not sell to wholesalers or retailers who increase the prices. We sell directly to you and so we can change product and give you what you want much faster than the competition.