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CAPI CA-0252 Discrete Opamp

CAPI CA-0252 Discrete Opamp

$49.75 USD


These are assembled and tested by Resistance Audio. We find that the CA-0252 has amazing focus and punch. It's great in any application, and truly shines on percussion and electric guitars. 


The CA-0252 is CAPI's take on the vintage API 2520 opamp, and is unique from the other 2520's that are available. 

CAPI has been as faithful as possible to the exact type of parts used in the early 1970's API 2520s. CAPI based this design on some rare unpotted vintage 2520 opamps This allowed them to precisely decipher the exact components and circuit used, which turned out to be different than the commonly accepted circuit and parts that are used in most current 2520 designs. CAPI even had some obsolete parts remade to match the originals exactly. 

The CA-0252 uses longer terminal pins so there is no issue in an API 2500 etc that may have other components under the opamp footprint. These longer pins impose no issues when used in a situation with no components under the amp. Just leave them long. If you have an old school situation where the amps are soldered directly to the PCB, just solder them in and cut the pins off.

Some of the applications the CA-0252-DIY DOA can be used for:
 Microphone Preamplifiers
 Line or Booster Amplifiers
 Lossless Combining Amplifiers
 Balanced Transformerless Amplifiers
 Equalizers and Compressors

Additional features and specs:
 Industry standard 2520 footprint for plug-in or PC mount connections
 Low noise, high power output
 Low distortion
 Minimum load impedance is 75 ohms for full output voltage
 Power supply voltage is bi-polar +/- 12 VDC to +/- 20 VDC
 Includes all top quality parts and components

12 Month Warranty from Resistance Audio

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