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Based on the API 560 560 graphic EQs, but using grayhill switches in 2db increments, rather than the sliders used on the 560, making recall a zillion times easier.

For drums, I don't think you'll find a more effective EQ... it can turn poorly recorded kick and snare tracks into GREAT sounding tracks -- it's a thing of beauty. Having 10 bands really allows you to dial in a great sound. Personally, since using this EQ, I've found much less need to supplement with samples... 

This is one of CAPI's newer offerings, so the internet hype hasn't quite reached a fevered pitch yet... but give it a little time, and this EQ will be all the rage -- it's that good!

A note on opamps: our favorite for most people is the gar1731 -- it'll give you the smoothest results, and allow you to push the gain to the max without harshness. If you want a little more zing, we also offer the gar2520, Rogue 5, and Red Dot.

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