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CAPI VC528 - Missing Link ML2

CAPI VC528 - Missing Link ML2

$545.00 USD


Typical Turnaround: 2 weeks. Please send us a message for the latest ETA: 

NOTICE: The VC528 Requires (2) Opamps to function. Please choose from the list above, or select 'No Opamps' if you are installing your own.

The are the famous 'Audio Bacon' 500 series processors. The VC528 recreates the sound of a vintage API console channel, but with the added benefit of versatile high and low pass filters. The filters are grayhill switches, individually bypassable, and have the option of 6 or 12db per octave.

The VC528 features a super high quality 24 position Elma switch for gain adjustment, in 2db increments. It has up to 12 db of gain (same as an API channel fader). It also features an additional grayhill trimmer switch in 0.5 db increments, in case you want to fine tune the level.

These are fantastic for imparting some API console magic on the 2 bus, or for tracking to get some mojo happening on the way in. Also great for mixing individual tracks, especially if you have a bunch of them, or for printing to individual tracks. Lots of uses!

A note on opamps: the most common configuration is the gar2520 and gar1731. This creates the most balanced tone, which is ideal for bus duties if you don't want to change the frequency response. Alternatively using dual gar2520's will get you the closest to the vintage API console sound, and will be slightly more colored. Rogue 5's or Red Dots are also a great option for a more modern sound with extended high and low frequencies.

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