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Gar OA10 Discrete Opamp - 2520 Footprint

Gar OA10 Discrete Opamp - 2520 Footprint

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The Gar OA10 was created by Gary Barnett of Barnett Industries. This DOA is a twelve transistor amplifier modeled after the legendary Neumann OA10. Gary has reformatted the layout to match the 2520 footprint. The original OA10 layout was a completely different proprietary footprint. These function perfectly in CAPI, API, or other gear with 2520 footprint opamps.

The original OA10 was actually designed to run on +/-22 V rails but it should be noted that the garOA10 has been rigorously tested on +/-28 V rails with great success. So as a bonus, the garOA10 can be used in the GDIY 51x format which utilizes +/-24 V rails.

How do they sound? According to CAPI: "The low end warmth is what got us about it. So thick and hefty without being pillowy or flabby. I think it will rule for kick and bass. We also like the smooth top end!"

Some of the applications the garOA10 DOA can be used for:
 Microphone Preamplifiers
 Line or Booster Amplifiers
 Lossless Combining Amplifiers
 Balanced Transformerless Amplifiers
 Equalizers and Compressors

Additional features and specs:
 Industry standard 2520 footprint for plug-in or PC mount connections
 Low noise, high power output
 Low distortion
 Minimum load impedance is 75 ohms for full output voltage
 Power supply voltage is bi-polar +/- 12 VDC to +/- 28 VDC


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