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Hairball Lola

Hairball Lola

$675.00 USD


This is an outstanding preamp --- clean and detailed, with nice weight and a huge bottom end. It's sort of like a Neve crossed with a Millenium. You get the weight and sparkle of a Neve with the hi resolution sound of a high end, clean preamp. Extremely versatile, and a nice compliment to the usual API and Neve pre's. If you need something to stand out in the mix and really shine, this is the pre!

The DI is also one of the best I've heard, and amazing on bass.

The led meters are also a really handy bonus, as well as the line level switch (so you could use a pair for 2 bus summing if you wanted). These have the standard Hairball JE-990 opamps.

NOTE: Hairball has recently increased prices, and we've had to increase prices an equal amount.  

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