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Pulse Colour Module by Louder Than Liftoff

Pulse Colour Module by Louder Than Liftoff

$129.00 USD

In collaboration with Louder Than Liftoff, we are relaunching the 'Pulse' colour module! These units will exactly match Rev 1 units, which have been unavailable for the last several years.

Please choose either 'Fully Assembled' or 'DIY Kit' from the drop down box. DIY Kits include all necessary parts to build a working unit. All parts are through hole (no surface mount). Kits will ship with a printed BOM and basic instructions (assuming you know how to read a parts BOM, solder, and have the right tools, etc). A Step-By-Step Build guide will be made available at a later date. Difficulty Level: Easy  



Pulse Colour Module by Louder Than Liftoff

"We absolutely love the way that real analog tape echo and slapback can add depth and dimension to a vocal or guitar track. A subtle dose can integrate a dry source into the space of the mix like nothing else. We use this simple effect so much that we knew we had to capture the sound of our trusty Otari 1/4" 2-track echo deck and miniaturize all those motors and tape heads for the Colour format." - Brad McGowan, LTL

If you push hard Pulse pushes back with saturated grit, enhancing the texture of the echo. By means of an internal jumper you can choose to set up Pulse as an insert or send effect. Onboard trimpots give you control over Echo Time and Repeats. An Echo Mix trimpot controls the mix of echo summed with the dry signal when used as an insert effect. In 'Wet' mode the dry signal is disabled and the output is 100% wet for use as a send effect. Did we mention? We also tweaked the frequency contour so it sits in the mix perfectly every time.

  1. Circuit emulates LTL studio's echo 2-track deck
  2. Input saturation (selectable via jumper)
  3. Ear-tuned frequency response
  4. Adjustable Echo Time, Repeats, and Mix via internal trimpots
  5. Uses PT2399 delay IC
  6. Compatible with DIYRE Colour
  7. Analog plugin compatible with LTL Chroma and Mister Focus
    1. C-DRV knob on Chroma controls amount of input saturation
    2. C-MIX knob on Chroma controls level of delayed signal blended with dry signal

Fully assembled, calibrated, and tested by Resistance Audio (authorized reseller).

Chroma, Mister Focus, or DIYRE Colour Palette must be purchased separately.

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