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Rogue 5 Discrete Opamp

Rogue 5 Discrete Opamp

$39.00 USD


 A modern take on the venerable API 2520 discrete op amp.  ROGUE FIVE was designed specifically for use in the Silver Bullet "A" MOJO Amp to deliver the hallmark punch and midrange focus we all love.  It is now available for DIY use and gear upgrades.

  • Sonics exhibit classic mid-forward character with low end transient punch, but with enhanced top end extension and greater low-mid clarity
  • Conforms to standard 2520 footprint
  • Gold-plated pins
  • Power supply voltage: ±12 VDC to ±18 VDC
  • Low-profile package: 1.13" x 1.13" x .63"
  • PCB clearance: 0.10" (Please contact us if you will be using these in an API product, as they tend to package caps and resistors beneath the DOA) 

Why is the ROGUE FIVE discrete op amp significantly less expensive than every other assembled op amp on the market?

Simply because the People deserve an affordable great sounding op amp.  Less profit.  More music.

API is a trademark of Automated Processes, Inc.

Qualifies for FREE shipping in the continental U.S. (min order 2 pieces)

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